Welcome to CeNTI

welcome_cloudCeNTI provides, in a business to business approach, applied R&D, engineering and scaling-up production of innovative smart materials and devices.

Our strategy follow 5 guidelines:

  1. Creation of a multi-disciplinary group (chemistry, physics, engineers – chemical, materials, electronics, biomedical)
  2. Experimental activities (prototyping, sampling, scaling-up) with scientific support
  3. Activity from laboratory to industrialization (lab2fab)
  4. High quality, unique service at affordable R&D costs
  5. Real and proved benefit at low production costs

The Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials (CeNTI) is based in Portugal and its role is to drive the development of new materials in order to contribute to product or innovation through all the necessary stages of development. It was founded by CITEVE (the Technological Centre for the Textile and Clothing Industries), the University of Minho, the University of Porto, the University of Aveiro and CTIC (the Technological Centre for the Leather Industry).

CeNTI’s service is a multi-disciplinary and includes technologists and researchers (physicists, chemists, materials/chemical/electronics/biological engineers). Targeting world-class research and development, CeNTI’s knowledge is based on the development of multicomponent fibres, smart materials/devices, multifunctional coatings and organic electronics and embedded systems.