Monitoring Volume in Fuel Tanks in Aircrafts using Printed Sensors

CeNTI is developing printed sensorial matrixes to monitor the 3D volume of fuel tanks by integrating sensors directly into the composite structure of the fuel tank of an aircraft.

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18th Techtextil Symposium 2015

Latest published news about CeNTI participation in the 18th Techtextil Symposium, highlights to Nelson Cardoso presentation entitled "Bicomponent PCM fibres".

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18th symposium


CeNTI on RTP 2

Last 28th February, in an interview on the second channel of the national television, CeNTI CEO Braz Costa spoke about the centre main activities and how contributes to the development of new products, technologies and innovative materials that are being applied in the industry.

The program Sociedade Civil, daily broacasted, aims to contribute with implementable solutions to well-defined civic problems by inviting experts to comment on several areas of interest.

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RTP News

In 2013 Famalicão local companies have exported 200 million euros more than the previous year. The council reinforced its leading export position in the northen region, ranked in top third national counties.

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The Mayor of Famalicão visits CeNTI

Last Monday January 6th, Paulo Cunha, The Mayor of Vila Nova de Famalicão, has visited CeNTI under the road map "Made in Famalicão" to highlight the county best examples of entrepreneuship, competitiveness and innovation.

The Mayor stated that this R&D Center is of major importance for the local companies regarding the effective development and leveraging of knowledge to create new products and conquer new markets, as well as for the county itself, which thus becomes "more attractive" for the setting of new companies.

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