Organic Electronics is a trend

oe_xsCeNTI attended two conferences about organic and printed electronics

Two researchers from CeNTI attended and spoke in the two last major conferences about organic and printed electronics: LOPE-C (Large-area, Organic and Printed Electronics Convention) and ISFOE (Annual Scientific, Research and Exhibition event in Organic Electronics).

Joana Fonseca, PhD in Chemistry, with developments in smart materials, such as electrochromic and ionic conductive materials, attended LOPE-C and spoke about electrochromic devices, with the theme: “Photo-Cured Electrolytes for Low-Cost, Printable and Flexible Electrochromic Devices”.

Miguel Ribeiro, MSc in Physics and Advanced Materials, attended ISFOE and spoke about encapsulation of organic electronics, with the theme: "Comparative study of metal‐oxide/diacrylate polymer multilayer stack barrier films for organic electronics encapsulation in a continuous roll‐to‐roll process".