CeNTI’s Products in the worldwide Top

biocolored wool xsCeNTI won a place in the Top 10 and Top 50 of ISPO Textrends Forum that will take place in Munich in Feb 2013.


A new forum called Textrends will premier at next year’s ISPO MUNICH. The idea behind the show within the show is to have a platform for designers, product managers etc. who will get an overview over the latest trends in materials offered by suppliers to the industry for the following seasons.

CeNTI will be one of the suppliers, by showing the Biocolored Wool, a natural substrate colored with a patent pending process that is eco-friendly and sustainable. Biocoloration is a revolutionary process for dyeing, since it reduces dramatically time, energy, water and auxiliary chemicals consumption, does not require any change of equipments, runs in a single step process that allows for the simultaneous dyeing of natural and synthetic substrates or their mixtures, with high quality, and moreover, it is environmentally friendly.

Together with Barcelcom Têxteis S.A., the product BB-Vein will be shown in the Top10. BB-Vein is a graduated compression sock that releases drugs that can be used to treat sports injuries, for instance. This product has an international patent pending.