Applied research under public funding

Projects with direct partial funding from public programs are here distinguished in:

Horizon 2020 European Projects:

SKHINCAPS - SKin Healthcare by Innovative NanoCAPsuleS

FP7 European Projects:

DEPHOTEX - Development of Photovoltaic Textiles based on Novel Fibres

INTELTEX – Intelligent multi-reactive textiles

POWERWEAVE– Development of Textiles for Electrical Energy Generation and Storage

COLAE– Commercialization Clusters of OLAE (Organic Large Area Electronics)

DIGINOVA – Innovation for Digital Fabrication

SUSCON– SUStainable, innovative and energy-efficient CONcrete, based on the integration of all-waste materials

ECOPIX– Eco-friendly digital advertising display, based on novel printable electrochromic polymers


EU-CELAC Joint Innovation and Research Projects:

WINNER - Smart Windows for Zero Carbon Energy Buildings


R&D Co-Promoted Projects:

Wall-it – Multilayer Structures to Multifunctional Finishing for Internal Walls

YEXS - Your Extreme Experiences

NEWLIGHT – Development of a textile system to provide light and color effects outdoor and indoor environments

POWERFIBRES – Nanostructured Conductive Fibres

NANOLEATHER – Nanocoatings for Leather Functionalization

SMARTCOMFORT - Intelligent comfort in shoe soles

HiPeRoM – Advanced high performance materials for ropes, braids and netting

PT21 – Powered Textiles 21st Century - R&D in Innovative textiles with a total investment of 7,6 Million Euros, under Fashion Cluster and leaded by CITEVE

MOBICarTrim– R&D in interior components for automobiles with a total investment of 7,6 Million Euros, under Mobility Cluster and leaded by CEIIA

AAL4ALL – Ambient Assisted Living for All, is a project under Health Cluster Portugal, with a total investment of 7,3 Million Euros

WETGRASS - Development of an innovative synthetic turf systems for outdoor sports

iTechInovcar - Development of innovative lighting and sensor-actuator systems for car interiors

Revifeel - Development of ceramic tiles with distinctive and innovative characteristics

Sense - Sensorizing Solutions for Light and Multifunctional Fuel Tanks for Aircrafts and Other Vehicles

CHROMIUM LIKE - Development of chromium-free solutions with plating effect for car interior plastic components

ActiveRest - Development of a textile mattress guard for the prevention of pressure ulcers

Breathe2seat - Breathable artificial leather for automotive interiors


NANOCLEANLEATHER - Development of natural leather with improved cleaning properties designed for automotive interiors, using nanostructured additives

S-CONSOLE - Development of a new floor central console for the automotive interiors

iParasol - New Generation of parasol through the inteligent hybridization

iP VEST – intelligent Protective VEST

iHEATEX – Multifunctional terry structures and intelligent hybridization

TexBoost - less Commodities more Specialties


Basic Research Projects:

Nanotex - New functional textiles through incorporation of silica nanoparticles, clays and carbon nanotubes: production, characterization and applications. FEUP and FCUP, from University of Porto, are research partners

Biomembranes - Biopolymers to development of composite membranes for nanofiltration in desalinization of seawater process. IBMC from University of Porto is the research partner

PhotOM – Development of photovoltaics with only organic materials

Tissue2Tissue – Using textile technologies to develop innovative 3D architectures to be applied in bone tissue engineering. 3B's Research Group/University of Minho (UM) and Citeve are research partners

PiezoTex – Development of piezoelectric sensors and actuators in extruded filament and films, with multiple geometries, to be applied in new generation e-textiles. University of Minho is the research partner


Collective Actions

NANOTECH@NORTEPT – Promover a nanotecnologia no tecido industrial na região norte de Portugal

STARTUP.NANO – Dinamização do empreendedorismo de base nanotecnológica na região Norte de Portugal

FUEL  - Future entrepreneur´s league

IMATEC - Intelligence in Advanced Technologies and Materials, under Collective Action Collaboration under Fashion Cluster and supported by QREN's Operational Agenda for Competitiveness Factors

Nano@Construção – Studies on the application of Nanotechnology in Construction field: needs and new opportunities

CEEMSC – Development of a label to energy effciency certification of materials and construction solutions

ORGANIC ELECTRONICS NETWORK – Portuguese Network for OLAE (Organic Large Area Electronics)

PEEP Development of an energy efficiency certification label for building products: paints, insulation and masonry