Past projects with reference customers

CeNTI envisages the good relation with companies, providing high quality services and results.

Listed below it is possible to find a brief description of a group of 10 past projects and respective reference to customers. Please see other reference projects here.


Wireless Socks – Development of a real-time foot measurement, walking distance and heart rate monitoring, with integrated biometric monitoring systems for day-by-day and sportswear biometric monitoring.

Nanofunctional Ceramic Tiles – Development of self-cleaning and fragrance release ceramic tiles

Sensor Tile – Development of a switch ceramic tile with embedded electronics

Nanocoatings – Nanostructured coatings applied by hotmelt slot-die


Digital Printing @ Textiles – Development of surface treatments for improvement of digital printing quality in textiles


Sensing-actuating systems in hygiene products - Research on new sensors-actuators in hygiene products in order to improve users quality of life


TPLEDs – Development of a lighting decorative cushion with integrated flexible photovoltaics and LEDs. Development of easy to clean home-textiles surfaces


Nanoglove – Functionalization of gloves for enchanced grip


Multifunctional mattresses covers – Breathable, water-proof and antimicrobial properties in mattresses covers


Visitret displays – Development of post-treatment processes for multifunctional nanoparticles