Projects with Academia



  • Numerical analysis on the mechanical and acoustic performance of building materials
  • Numerical analysis of the thermal performance of building materials
  • Wind and water protection of cold weather clothing
  • Development of novel electrochromic materials and solid-state electrochromic devices manufacture methods optimization
  • Determination of the antibacterial and antifungal activity of several vegetable extracts
  • Development of self-cleaning textile structures using enzymes


  • Linkage of stable enzymes to textile structures
  • Optimisation of an intelligent system for localised cooling
  • Development of electrochromic devices based on conductive metallopolymers
  • Fabrication of inorganic films to use in electrochromic systems
  • Study of spray dispersions by CFD
  • Numerical study of an intelligent footwear cooling system
  • Study and optimisation of a wind tunnel by CFD
  • Development of an experimental method for assessment of footwear moisture management
  • Study and optimisation of an electrical heating laminate
  • Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer – practical applications
  • Development of an experimental method for assessment of socks performance with a sweating thermal manikin
  • Multilayer structures for Moisture Management
  • Development of a new bleaching process using ozone
  • Study of a biotechnological process for the coloration of textile substrates
  • Production and characterization of cosmetic textiles
  • Development of novel ultrasonic spraying surface treatments and comparison with conventional textile impregnation methods
  • Development of rapid tests for detecting antimicrobial activity on textiles
  • Development of materials with improved gas barrier properties
  • Development of high thermal insulation materials
  • Synthesis and characterisation of nanoparticles with low thermal conductivity
  • Development of high thermal insulation textile structures
  • Optimisation of a synthesis methodology for the production of low thermal conductivity nanoparticles
  • Development of formulations for innovatory textiles finishes
  • Development of Surface Treatments to Improve Water and Oil Repellency in Textiles
  • Development of UV curable functional polymeric coatings
  • Development of Biomimetic Coatings inspired on the adhesion properties of Gecko Foot Surface
  • Incorporation of nanomaterials onto textile substrates
  • Hydro(oleophobic) nanosilicas incorporated onto textile finishing formulations

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