Product Characterization


Our technologies and equipments are ideal to characterize the thermal performance of products, during usage simulation. Several test services are available, based on international standards, in-house test methods or specific protocols developed for a given product/client. The knowledge on the real performance of products is vital to promote continuous development, to support marketing strategies and to demonstrate product differentiation.

Our technologies can be used to characterize the performance of products, during usage simulation, i.e. conditions mimicking the real use of the final products (e.g. dynamic conditions, realistic environmental conditions, etc.). Specific test procedures can be designed for products like:

  • Clothing/footwear 
  • Mattress/bedding products 
  • Car seats/HVAC systems
  • Tents/pads
Type of evaluation/parameter Procedure
Thermal performance of products Variable
Moisture management of products Variable
Cooling or heating performance of products Variable
Infrared imaging Variable
Climatic exposure (volumes up to 30 m3) Variable
Dynamic Monitoring Variable
Wear trial Variable
Body range-of-motion Variable


Our technologies can also be used to obtain information about the thermal performance of clothing products, in test conducted according to several international standardized/routine procedures. The available tests are conducted by our partner CITEVE and include:

Type of evaluation / parameter   Procedure
Sock thermal insulation Internal method (as ISO 15831)
Sock evaporative resistance Internal method (as ASTM F2370)
Sock moisture management Internal method
Clothing thermal insulation EN 342, ISO 15831, ASTM F1291
Clothing evaporative resistance Internal method (as ASTM F2370)
Sleeping bags thermal performance  EN 13537


More information on our Product Characterization Capacities is available here.

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