rd_thin_filmsReference outputs:

  • Evaporating Al, Ag and Cu (with continuous wire feed system) w/ high control of film thickness
  • Processing of heat reflective surfaces
  • DC Dual Magnetron Sputtering thin film deposition
  • CVD using reactive gas thin film deposition
  • Deposition of metal oxide thin films
  • Deposition of transparent conductive oxides (TCO) films
  • Deposition of metallic thin films Al, Cu, Ag
  • In line monomer/oligomer deposition
  • E-Beam polymerization
  • High control of film thickness (from 10nm to 1000nm)
  • Static and roll-2-roll depositions up to 100m/min
  • Protective polymer coatings with controlled thickness

Working width: 40 cm

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