Functional Materials & Solutions


This area is divided in 3 main working programs, leading to the outputs listed below:

  • Polymeric coatings, Adhesives & Laminates
  • Nanofunctional coatings & Biotech processes
  • Functional fibres

This area clearly stands out as the most innovative, high performance and sustainable technology for multilayered high performance materials. CeNTI provides services regarding development & prototyping according to your request in formulations, coatings, high tech fibres and flexible multi-component materials.

CeNTI Functional Materials & Solutions area includes:

  • Hotmelt, 0.5m roll-to-roll system
  • Plasma treatment, 0.5 m and 2 m wide roll-to-roll systems
  • Ozone and enzymatic surface treatment
  • Plasma enhanced ultrasonic spraying with UV curing, 0.5 m and 2.2 m wide
  • Batch microwave technology, batch and continuous ultrasound technology and conventional reactors (capacity of 2 and 10 liters)
  • Pilot melt spinning line (Bi/Tri Component) able to work polymers up to 450ºC, using conventional materials (PP, PE, PLA, PET, CoPET, PA, etc.) and next-generation materials (such as high temperature polymers, aggressive polymers, conductive polymers, biopolymers, etc.)
  • Electrospinning
  • Laboratorial Extruder able to perform laboratory trials using different spinnerets morphologies, such as, monofilament, film, etc.

New Technologies:

  • Twin screw extruder for materials compounding and functionalization
  • Ultrasonic atomization/spraying system (0,5m) for flexible and rigid substrates
  • Multifunctional twisting equipment for development of functional and smart yarns


This platform pursues the following outputs:

  • Biocolored substrates (textiles, cork, leather…), free from synthetic dyes and other chemical compounds
  • Permanent antimicrobial treated surfaces
  • Flame retardant materials
  • Fabrics releasing active principles (cosmetics, fragrances, drugs, etc…)
  • Functional membranes for filtration
  • Super-hydrophobic surfaces
  • Super-hydrophilic surfaces
  • Adhesive layers
  • Laminated materials
  • Fragance fibres
  • Carbon-based conductive fibres
  • High-performance fibres
  • Functionalized fibres
  • Comfort Increasing fibres
  • Nanofibres webs