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Collaboration with Health Care Sector

health_xsPortuguese newspaper “Vida Económica” referred CeNTI as a R&D technological centre collaborating with Iberia Advanced Healthcare, a leader company in cutting-edge innovation for the health care sector.

Forum and Exhibition "Internationalization and Competitiveness “


Yesterday, 20th December, CeNTI was in the Forum and Exhibition "Internationalization and Competitiveness “organized by the Ministry of Economy and Employment and COMPETE.


euronews_xs“Picture a world where your jeans or coat can generate enough energy to charge the battery on your mobile phone or a future where the curtains in your living room help power your lamps. Well it could be closer than you think.”

Sustainable Construction - Research in Action

nc2_xsA seminar organized by ITeCons and Centro Habitat was held last week in Coimbra. Maria José Machado, from CeNTI, talked about the application of Nanotechnology in and for Energy Efficient Builings, and presented the final results of the project Nano@Contrução.

More information on the project website: Nano@Construção.