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Radiating Innovation

jb_xsIn the European Coatings Journal of November, an article about RadTech Conference highlighted the presentation of Joana Branquinho, from CeNTI.

“The conferenced showed different innovative applications for UV. Joana Branquinho, Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, Portugal, stated: UV techniques will have a great future for example for textiles and construction chemicals”.

Revolutionary Airship presented in Porto

nfap_xsCeNTI is proud to be part of the development of Gaya (result of NFAP - Nature Friendly Airship Project), a revolutionary airship owned by Nortávia Air Transports, S.A..

Intelligent products in our home

jn_xsIn the most widely read magazine in Portugal (Notícias Magazine), an article was posted featuring intelligent products in our home. Most of the presented products were developed with CeNTI. From bed linen with fragrance releasing properties, to light switch tiles, cushions with energy generation to feed LEDs for lighting and self-cleaning tiles, there are many applications of nanotechnology and smart materials in our home.

RadTech Europe 2011 Conference

radtechThursday, 20th October, Joana Branquinho from CeNTI, presented "UV curable textile finishes: Superhydrophobic and oleophobic, side-specific, dual finish treatment of cotton for apparel, home, technical and sport textiles", in RadTech Europe 2011 Conference, in Basel, Switzerland.