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PEEP – Energy efficiency certification label for building products

ITeCons in co-promotion with CeNTI has developed a project denominated “Promoção da Etiquetagem Energética de Produtos” – PEEP, with the participation of ADENE – Agência da Energia, and has been peepconcluded on June 2015. This project had the objective of developing an energy labeling system for non-regulated products, namely thermal insulation/thecnical mortar, bricks and blocks for masonry application and coatings. This system has the advantage of allowing the comparison between energy performance of different products of the same product family, facilitating the product choice that promote higher savings in energy resources, responding to the demand of actual European legislation (EU Directive 2010/30/UE).

The experimental phase of the energy performance simulators has been launched, which are available in the website of the Sistema de Etiquetagem Energética de Produtos in www.seep.pt

These simulators have the objective of giving information to the manufactures regarding the process of energy labelling, as well as allowing the manufactures to test their products in order to know their respective energy classification. In this phase, the use of these simulators doesn’t have any associated cost to users nor is there any restriction in terms of the number of evaluations a user perform.

The project was developed under the Sistema de Apoio a Ações Coletivas (SIAC) program financed by the Programa Operacional Fatores de Competitividade (COMPETE) under the Quadro de Referência Estratégico Nacional (QREN).

More information about the PEEP project in www.peep.uc.pt.

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Monitoring Volume in Fuel Tanks in Aircrafts using Printed Sensors

CeNTI is developing printed sensorial matrixes to monitor the 3D volume of fuel tanks by integrating sensors directly into the composite structure of the fuel tank of an aircraft.

Please read more in OPE Journal.

Cooperation Protocol CeNTI and Enterprise Europe Network

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During the Enterprise Europe Network Seminar (october 8, 2015) - SMEs opportunities  -  took place the signing of a cooperation protocol between CeNTI and the Network that aims to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seize unparalleled business opportunities in the EU by providing targeted market intelligence and personalised support.

Read more about EEN and AEP (Portuguese contact point)

OLED Lighting news

In oledpartnership with CeNTI, a Research Group at University of Aveiro has developed an OLED (organic light emitting diode) aimed to improve the lighting area performance, with brighter white efficiency, color-tunable possibilities as well as a simpler design.

This technology most recent results have been made public in the ANM2015, 6th international conference on Advanced Nanomaterials that took place last 20 to 22nd july, in the university premises, Aveiro.

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