CeNTI co-hosts the SmartX Innovation Hub

CeNTI is one of the co-hosts of the SmartX Innovation Hub, a European community focused on textile innovation that was launched at the end o...

GIATEX: intelligent water management in the Textile sector

There is an innovative Project on a national scale in Portugal that aims to make the Textile and Clothing Industry more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly. CeNTI is one of the 27 promoting entities....

CeNTI participates in the promotion of sustainable policies in the plastics area

Boosting the transition of the plastics sector to a circular economy is the main purpose of the Mobilising Agenda SUSTAINABLE PLASTICS

Researchers and professionals Analyse the Recycled and Functional Materials impact on Textiles

"New Recycled, Functional and Intelligent Materials for the Textile Sector" was the theme of a seminar that gathered, at CITEVE - Textile and Clothing Techno...

Portuguese Press highlights CeNTI's technological innovation for health

It's a disruptive Project that has gained the attention of the Portuguese media: SMASUS has already been publicized on RDP Internacional, Por...
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