-2022: CeNTI reinforces its commitment to Sustainability and Digitalization

2022: CeNTI reinforces its commitment to Sustainability and Digitalization

At CeNTI, technological innovation and differentiating Projects marked 2021, a year full of challenges and adversities that were overcome with tenacity, commitment and creativity. 2022 will be no different and, in this new year, developing innovative technological solutions that continue to promote sustainability and digitalization are the main objectives.

With a strong component of services oriented to industrial sector, namely for Automotive and Aeronautics, Construction, Architecture and Smart Buildings, Health, Protection and Wellness markets, CeNTI has been the technological partner of several companies, which seek to idealize, develop, test and commercialize products with high added value.

In close collaboration with Industry, the Centre’s mission is to create, every day, new technological, functional, intelligent, efficient and sustainable solutions. And all this is based on fundamental concepts such as innovation, knowledge, technology and sustainable development.

Helping companies to grow, evolve and strengthen their businesses and their competitiveness on the international scene is the purpose of the Centre, certain that only the combination of efforts and synergy can culminate in everyone's success.

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