-A more technological and revolutionary car interior

A more technological and revolutionary car interior

PAC - Portugal AutoCluster for the Future is a Mobilizing Project led by the company Simoldes Plásticos, in line with Mobinov - Cluster Automóvel Portugal action plan, which aims to make the future car autonomous, intelligent, eco-efficient and sustainable.

The Project aims to develop, test and demonstrate a new generation of technologies, processes, and products to meet current and future market challenges. In this way, it is intended to boost the competitiveness level of entities operating in the Portuguese automotive sector and their position in a world context.

The different Project phases seek to generate know-how in the areas of Mobility and Green Economy and, in response to trends in Mobility, Sustainability, and Connectivity, provide vehicles with differentiating technologies. This is the case of new approaches of interaction and seamless integration of features into surfaces and interfaces of vehicles, surfaces with self-healing properties, and thermochromic surfaces with sensing, which will enable a higher degree of comfort, durability, and quality in the automotive interior.

PAC Project is co-financed by Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Internationalization (COMPETE2020) and Lisbon Regional Operational Programme (LISBOA2020) of Portugal 2020, through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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