-AM2R: innovative solutions to transform the two-wheel sector

AM2R: innovative solutions to transform the two-wheel sector

Promoting innovation in the two-wheel sector, developing new features and differentiating products for users and/or velocipedes is the AM2R Mobilising Agenda’s purpose.

Within the Project's scope, CeNTI is creating disruptive lighting and sensing systems, solutions for electric mobility, clothing solutions and a textile-based composite piece.

AM2R's research and development activities are based on sustainability and digitalisation and seek to create new products, processes, and services. Led by Polisport Plásticos, the Agenda intends to transform national production in this field of activity and make companies more specialised, competitive and resilient in the international market, based on research, innovation and diversification of the productive structure of products and services.

By fostering rapprochement between the business ecosystem and the scientific system, the knowledge transfer and training of professionals will be promoted, aiming at adopting new technologies and their economic valorisation through industrialisation.

Find out more about AM2R HERE.

The Project is funded by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan within the framework of European Union’s NextGenerationEU.


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