-An innovative system for water purification is coming

An innovative system for water purification is coming

It is a European Project signed by CeNTI. Five entities are developing a new water purification system focused on energy efficiency. The innovation, composed of several technologies, can be incorporated into mariculture, aquaculture and wastewater treatment facilities. In addition to the efficiency of the process, the main goal is to ensure the water's quality, making it suitable for consumption.

The system, part of the NanoTheC-Aba Project, will consist of three essential components: a pre-filtration unit with antibacterial functionality, an ultra/nanofiltration membrane for contaminated water pre-concentration and a thermocatalytic reactor. Integrating the three elements will enable to optimise each system unit, both together and separately, boosting the entire process’s efficiency.

Running since September 2021, the NanoTheC-Aba ends on August 2024. It has the participation of CeNTI, the University of Turin (Italy), CNRISMN - Institute of Nanostructured Materials (Italy), the Danish start-up/company B4Ceramics and the University of Aalborg (Denmark).

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