-Antiviral soles to stop Covid-19 are coming

Antiviral soles to stop Covid-19 are coming

A made in Portugal innovation and results from the knowledge and competences of the Portuguese company ROPAR (ARCOPEDICO brand) and CeNTI, in collaboration with Instituto de Engenharia Biomédica and Centro Clínico Académico de Braga (2CA) focused on fighting the spread of Covid-19 among the community. 

The SM4S Project - Safety Materials for Shoes aims to develop shoe soles with antiviral properties that reduce the risk of contagion and ensure, to its users, more safety and protection.

This Project's main innovative factor is the addition of shoe soles with antiviral agents without changing the material's intrinsic properties, namely its mechanical characteristics. Thus, it will be possible to reduce the conditions favorable to the survival of the virus. With these functional soles, it will be even less likely that this footwear equipment will function as active viral transport, mainly in public access places.

In addition to their relevance in the current pandemic context, these soles may also have an impact and effectiveness in other environments of viral and bacterial propagation.

After the Project, the company ROPAR will incorporate soles with antiviral components in its several footwear lines.

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