-Automotive 2021: Portuguese innovation promoted in Germany

Automotive 2021: Portuguese innovation promoted in Germany

In total, 12 Projects were disclosed at Automotive Interiors Expo Europe 2021, one of the largest fairs focused on the automotive interior, which took place from 9 to 11 November, in Stuttgart (Germany). The highlights at From Portugal booth, boosted by CeNTI and CITEVE, were PAC, FDPanel, BIOMAT, SmartEEs2, Mastro, TexBoost, ContiTex, S-Console, Confinseat, Smart4Car, Vinci7D, and HiSurface.

In the initiative aimed at professionals and specialists in the automotive sector, the Centre also presented a communication entitled "Novel structural and decorative composites with interactive and augmented functionalities".

CeNTI seized the opportunity to present the best that is done in Portugal, in terms of technological innovation, in line with current concepts, such as sustainability, efficiency, usability, optimization, and comfort.

For three days, the Automotive Interiors Expo brought together researchers, entrepreneurs and some of the most important players of the automotive interior, promoting news, trends, and networking.

Setting the stage for innovation, the fair aims to contribute to the evolution of the sector, making it more competitive through differentiating solutions that respond to the needs of the present and future of users.

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