-Bernardino Machado Museum exhibits nanotechnology

Bernardino Machado Museum exhibits nanotechnology

Publicize innovative ideas and products, as well as new practical applications of nanotechnology and their impact on the industry of Northern Portugal, are the goals of the exhibition that CeNTI - Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials carries out between January 31 and February 2 at the Bernardino Machado Museum, in Famalicão.

This unique initiative intends to distinguish the importance of nanotechnology for the industry of Northern Portugal, to create familiarity with the work carried out by CeNTI researchers and to show some of the main results of different research projects. It’s the case of a fishing line that uses nanotechnology to be more environmentally friendly, curtains incorporating LEDs, floors that detect flooding, an ecological clothing line conceived with residues from the local industries, or anti-fissure upholstery for the automobile interior, made with ecological materials. The various examples of the impact of nanotechnology in the region are compiled in a portfolio developed under the Nanotech@NortePT project, consisting of a book and six videos, that will be made known during the exhibition. Three demonstrators and an interactive kiosk are also part of this show, and CeNTI researchers are also expected to be present at the event to better understand some of the projects and to discuss the importance of the work carried out.

This show intends to demonstrate how the North region and its companies and industries are leaders in the use of nanotechnology in the creation of new products and solutions with high technological potential and innovation.

Bernardino Machado's house, the iconic figure of modern Brazilian history and Portuguese democracy, and celebrated in the pages of history as an illustrious academic and one of the most notable Presidents of the Portuguese Republic, is the place chosen for this exhibition.

Minister of Industry, director of the Instituto Industrial e Comercial de Lisboa and owner of a remarkable career as a philosopher, Bernardino Machado was, above all, a progressive innovator and his estate, ideals and legacy also show the importance of innovation and knowledge.

Promoted by CeNTI - Centre of Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, this initiative also marks the ending of the Nanotech@NortePT Project, whose main objectives were to affirm the Northern region of Portugal as a focal point in the innovation and practical use of nanotechnology and to sensitize and support companies to invest in innovative products, anticipating the future and responding to new consumer challenges within the global market landscape.

The Nanotech@NortePT project has the participation of CeNTI and INL, funded by the Fundo Europeu de Desenvolvimento Regional (FEDER) through the Operacional Regional do Norte Program (NORTE2020).

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