-Be@t: the Project that wants to reconvert the textile and clothing industry

Be@t: the Project that wants to reconvert the textile and clothing industry

From nature, in a circular and sustainable way, to people. With the bioeconomy motto, Be@t aims to develop solutions to empower and catapult the textile and clothing industry to the forefront in topics such as traceability, digital transparency, decarbonisation, ecodesign, ecoengineering and zero waste. 

The Project intends to create new processes, products and textile materials, of biological origin (using raw materials from forestry and agro-food sector), renewable, functional and with better environmental credentials, alternative to fossil-based ones. 

In addition, it proposes to encourage the reuse of fibres (pre- and post-consumer) for reintroduction in natural and/or artificial filaments through optimised recycling processes. And to use residues from other sectors as ingredients and/or raw materials to manufacture new methods of textile functionalisation. 

Be@t also encourages effective regional policies and awareness campaigns for consumers and all market stakeholders, sharing information on repair/reuse activities and international valorisation of "From Portugal" brand. 

Thus, the four pillars that support the Project are biomaterials, circularity, sustainability and society. The ultimate goal is to set a new pace of change, implement circular value chains based on biological resources, and contribute to an environmentally friendly culture and responsible consumption. 

The Be@t consortium, led by CITEVE - Textile and Clothing Technological Centre, brings together 54 entities, of which 19 are considered ENESIIs (Companies and Non-Business Entities of the R&I System). CeNTI is one of these institutions committed to promoting technological development and research in Portugal's Textile and Clothing sector. 

Learn more about the Project HERE.


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