-BIOMAT: partners analyse the Project's past and future development

BIOMAT: partners analyse the Project's past and future development

The multinational consortium of the BIOMAT Project, composed of 26 partners, including CeNTI, met at the beginning of January to take stock of the investigation developed so far, and analyse and prepare the following steps.

In the online session, each of the 'Work Package' leaders had the opportunity to present the work produced during the first year of the project and what they will develop in the next 6 months.

Coordinated by CeNTI, BIOMAT is a European Project that aims to accelerate the sustainability of the European Bioeconomy and provide access to 'Test Beds' for the development of bio-based nano-enabled polyurethane (PUR) foams for application in Building and Construction, Automotive, Furniture and Bedding industrial sectors.

PUR products are typically petroleum-based and lack important functional properties. In these industries, the need for sustainability leads not only to the development of economically efficient processes but also to the development of sustainable, value-added products from materials with a low carbon footprint.

Accordingly, one of the Project's main objectives is to facilitate cross-border partnership and accelerate innovation in bio-based insulation materials containing nanomaterials for these industries.

By the creation of a Single-Entry Point (SEP), companies will have access to pilot scale production lines and complementary services, such as characterisation, nanosecurity, standardisation/regulation, business/marketing plans, and guided mentoring for technology and business, at competitive fair prices.

The BIOMAT Project is funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme.

Know more about BIOMAT HERE.

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