-BioShoes4All: the future of footwear is sustainable

BioShoes4All: the future of footwear is sustainable

CeNTI is on the road to innovation, capacity building and the transition of the national footwear industry to the bioeconomy. 

As part of BioShoes4All, the Centre is contributing to the development of bioleather with improved thermal comfort properties. The research will also enable to establish methodologies to measure this property and characterise/validate the performance of the resulting products.

The future of footwear sector lies in using bio and eco materials, both in components and production processes and services. This disruptive Project, focused on sustainability, is committed to developing products and solutions with high technological content for a prosperous, inclusive and sustainable society.

Led by APICCAPS - Portuguese Footwear, Components and Leather Goods Industry Association and with CTCP - Portuguese Footwear Technology Centre (in Portuguese only) as project diretor, BioShoes4All is being promoted by 70 organisations.

By 2025, the consortium's enterprises will be valued by increasing productivity and competitiveness and encouraging the transition to a sustainable bioeconomy and circular economy at the national and international levels.

Find out all about this research HERE.

The BioShoes4All is funded by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan within the European Union's NextGenerationEU framework.

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