-CeNTI and Green4Industry highlighted in RTP's Tech 3

CeNTI and Green4Industry highlighted in RTP's Tech 3

Tech 3, the Portuguese television RTP's Program dedicated to Technological Innovation and Science, disseminated CeNTI and Green4Industry Project. During the broadcast, several professionals explained the Centre's mission and the Project's key role focused on Sustainability and Intelligent Digital Transformation.

António Braz Costa, Executive Director, spoke about CeNTI's activity and knowledge within several emerging technologies’ scope, such as Nanotechnology. The transfer of these technologies to companies, encouraging the creation of new products, solutions and processes, has been one of the researchers’ main objectives, who seek to strengthen the Industry's competitiveness.

The responsible also underlined that the Centre's work had been to "develop technologies, develop new materials, more intelligent, more functional, but at the same time with a keen eye on these materials Sustainability and also of the transformation processes".

"Green4Industry is an opportunity for CeNTI to disseminate what it does indoors with the business ecosystem". This is how Bruno Vale, Design & Engineering Department's Team Leader, described the Project, evidencing the Sustainability concerns.

Dora Coelho, Marketing and Communication Department's Director, specified some of the organised actions to promote the Project, both in the digital and offline sphere, namely social media, newsletters, international fairs, and workshops focused on intellectual property.

"The Green4Industry Project turns out to be different from what we do daily, it is very focused on showing the importance, showing the role of innovation, research, what we do and for what we do it and how we are going to help the Industry (which is our focus), but also the society", explained the professional.

In addition to referencing the Project's final event, which took place in June in Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal), Dora Coelho also spoke about the CeNTI Innovation Prize. Promoting innovation within the Project's themes was the initiative's main purpose.

"When we look at the objectives that were set at the beginning of this Project and the results that we have already obtained, we could only be happy and even with a greater courage to keep this pedal of information, of passing on information and knowledge to the companies, contributing to two fundamental things: having a better world and more competitive enterprises", concluded Braz Costa.

Watch the full Tech 3 Program HERE (only in Portuguese).
See the Project's final event video report HERE (only in Portuguese).

The Green4Industry Project was co-financed by Portugal 2020 under the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program (COMPETE 2020) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


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