-CeNTI co-hosts the SmartX Innovation Hub

CeNTI co-hosts the SmartX Innovation Hub

CeNTI is one of the co-hosts of the SmartX Innovation Hub, a European community focused on textile innovation that was launched at the end of 2023 by the renowned technology platform Textile ETP.

The new community gathers professionals, researchers and academics in the textile field and emerged following the conclusion of the SmartX Europe Project. Its main objective is to promote learning, sharing and cross-sector collaboration among electronic and high-performance textile companies, research centres and brands. 

In addition to providing a bimonthly Newsletter with the main news in the sector, the Innovation Hub will host in-person and online events and monthly webinars addressing high-performance technical textiles and smart textiles. Members will also have the possibility of accessing a platform with relevant information and content.

Exclusive podcast interviews and the opportunity to create working groups to explore in-depth niche markets are some of the main advantages for those joining the community.

Learning, networking, collaborating and sharing are the four critical pillars of the SmartX Innovation Hub. Find out HERE how you can make a part and what benefits you can have as a community member.

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