-CeNTI ends several disruptive Projects

CeNTI ends several disruptive Projects

June was a month with intense activity for CeNTI, which closed several Projects focused on different areas. This innovation stage culminated with the presentation of unique technological solutions with a real impact on the Industry.

Some of the results and demonstrators/prototypes created within the Projects' scope were presented in final events attended by researchers, specialists and professionals. In these initiatives of knowledge and sharing, there was also space for networking and exchanging ideas.

These were the Projects that finished in June: 
- Baterias 2030
- FDPanel – Future Door Panel
- InnovThermoforming
- Magnetized Gears
- PAC – Portugal AutoCluster for the Future
- ActiVas
- AUGMANITY - Augmented Humanity
- HiperTwinS
- NEO4Future
- SmartHealth4All
- DUST +
- SRS - Smart Roof Systems
- WDS - Water Data Solutions
- Fiber4Fiber
- DIF-Jacket
- Green4Industry

From CeNTI to companies: many technologies were developed, and numerous hours were dedicated to researching, prototyping and testing innovative technological solutions. With this work, close to Industry, the Centre aims to promote the businesses’ digital and green transition, boosting the adoption of nanotechnology, advanced materials and smart systems that leverage the competitiveness and differentiation of the Portuguese business ecosystem.


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