-CeNTI featured on RTP2’s “Sociedade Civil” Portuguese program

CeNTI featured on RTP2’s “Sociedade Civil” Portuguese program

CeNTI was highlighted in the Portuguese television program "Sociedade Civil" on RTP2. In a broadcast dedicated to Nanotechnology, António Braz Costa, Executive Director, spoke about the role and impact of this Technology and Innovation Centre in science and industry.

The interview also mentioned CeNTI's origin, which was created in 2006 to respond to the challenges raised by technical textiles and the need for competences in the Nanotechnology area, which did not exist in the sector. The R&DT institute is, therefore, the result of an investment and bet on disruptive technologies with possible applications in several markets.

António Braz Costa mentioned some innovative research areas that have revolutionised the industry, for example, printed electronics, surface functionalisation while maintaining the materials' intrinsic characteristics, and the production of multicomponent fibres integrated with intelligent components, such as sensors.

Sustainability and partnership with companies were also topics addressed in the program. According to the CeNTI's responsible, environmental concerns have brought new challenges, such as reducing resource consumption and recovering end-of-life materials, such as batteries, so that they can be reused.

Listen to "Sociedade Civil" HERE (only in Portuguese).


Image (credits): Sociedade Civil, RTP2

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