-CeNTI highlighted in the Portuguese Media

CeNTI highlighted in the Portuguese Media

Innovative projects with unique and disruptive functionalities, Made in Portugal. INStone, bKET, and S-Console were the Projects highlighted by the Portuguese Media, in RDP Internacional, TSF, and Dinheiro Vivo. The articles have highlighted the functionalities, advantages, and impact of these technological solutions on the market and society.

RDP Internacional's "Portugal com Ideias" program presented the INStone Project, developed by CeNTI and the Portuguese company SOLANCIS. The program emphasized the main functionalities of intelligent natural stone, its benefits, and its implementation markets.

The bKET Project focused on promoting KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) was the theme of one of the most recent "Negócios e Empresas" program. João Gomes, CeNTI's Director of Operations, underscored the importance of KETs and the impact of their application on the Portuguese Industry. The initiatives carried out within the scope of the Project by CeNTI were also mentioned. 

The S-Console Project, which results from a partnership established by the Centre and Simoldes Plásticos, was reported in Dinheiro Vivo. The article presented the S-Console's smart and unique functionalities, its benefits, impact, and relevance to the automotive sector.

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