-CeNTI joins the "Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research"

CeNTI joins the "Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research"

CeNTI has subscribed the "Manifesto for EU COVID-19 Research", an initiative launched by the European Commission, which aims to make public and accessible to the whole community the researches within the scope of Covid-19 and the fight against this disease.

The Manifesto includes guiding principles for beneficiaries of European Union research and development grants that work in prevention, testing, treatment, and vaccination against Covid-19.

Ensuring that the research results to stop the pandemic are publicly accessible to everyone and guarantee the return on public investment are the main objectives of this action.

Provide scientific articles and data about the research and avoiding the delay in making available the results on Horizon Platform are some of the Manifesto's principles.  

With this action, the European Commission promotes the research and innovation against the disease's importance to the community and highlights the active role that researchers have taken in seeking solutions against the spread of Covid-19.

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