-CeNTI joins three new European Projects

CeNTI joins three new European Projects

There is Portuguese know-how in research on a European scale. CeNTI is participating in INTEGRANO, PRIMED and ACROSS, three new and disruptive Projects that seek to develop technological solutions in different areas, such as nanomaterials, bioeconomy and military equipment. The kick-off sessions occurred recently in Italy, Germany and Portugal, respectively.

Although they have very different objectives, all of them will have a direct impact on the future of Europe: 

• INTEGRANO proposes a general assessment approach based on quantitative evidence to be applied in practice for specific Nano Materials design cases (inorganic, organic and carbon). This process is in line with the current guidelines for Safe and Sustainable by Design (SSbD) chemicals and materials, promoted by the European Commission. The development of novel impact categories for nano-toxicity and eco-nano-toxicity assessment will enable the integrated application of standardised monitoring methodologies and data exchange. The digital supported decision process will help scientists, materials engineers, nano-enabled products designers, policy and decision-makers to tackle the SSbD challenge, enabling a drastic reduction in research, development and approval lead-time, as well as minimising costs and increasing data transparency by making the industrial adoption of nanotechnologies more sustainable and viable.
Find out more HERE.

• PRIMED aims to maximize the development of the primary sector (agriculture, fisheries, hunting, etc.) bioeconomy. Every year, the European Union countries produce more than 900 million tons of waste biomass, and 98% of this material ends up in landfills, incinerators or open dumps. Therefore, there is a high potential for converting bio-waste into bio-based products to be used in multiple bio-applications.
The Project intends to unlock the vast potential of Europe's underutilized biomass resources and transform them, through advanced biorefineries, into value-added biomaterials. To this end, new circular business in Bioeconomy (CBMB) models also will be developed. 
More information HERE.

• ACROSS will drive technological innovation in adaptive camouflage for soldiers and vehicles. The Project will focus on a combination of innovative technologies that use disruptive materials in multiple spectral ranges. Adaptive camouflage techniques and devices will be able to adapt to different environmental conditions. The objective is to develop multispectral and adaptive camouflage solutions for soldiers and platforms in order to improve the level of protection of ground forces.
Find out more about the Project HERE.

The three innovative Projects, with which the Centre is associated, are funded by the European Commission and promise to revolutionise business activity and the economy in Europe.

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