-CeNTI prepares young people for the future technology impact!

CeNTI prepares young people for the future technology impact!

The future is hard to guess, but one thing is for sure, it's all about technology!

Making young people and future professionals aware of the impact of nanotechnology and advanced materials on the daily lives of companies and people was the main objective of CeNTI's presence in Aveiro, in initiatives targeted to new generations.

At TechDays and the "Para Além da Engenharia III - Um complemento essencial" Conference at the University of Aveiro, the Centre took the opportunity to disseminate its work, share knowledge and experience and anticipate trends and opportunities offered by technology. 

In the case of TechDays, the Centre was present with a demonstrator of mobilizing project Texboost in the joint stand of Sustainable Habitat Cluster, an initiative of which it is a member and through which it intends to focus on sustainability and digital transformation as a motto for innovation and competitiveness.

CeNTI aims to captivate the new generations to the importance of research and innovation, create value-added solutions and products, prepare youth for the challenges of the labour market in several industrial sectors.

Through active participation in numerous initiatives, focused on training and enhancing future staff, the Centre fulfils its mission of sharing knowledge.

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