-CeNTI promotes Nanotechnology in the North Region

CeNTI promotes Nanotechnology in the North Region

CeNTI participated in the last meeting of the regional stakeholder group of the first phase of the NMP-REG (Delivering Nanotechnologies, advanced Materials and Production to REGional manufacturing) project, which took place at INL - Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory.

The NMP-REG project, which brings together entities from five regions from five European countries, aims to bring together industrial companies and promote new bets in the Nanotechnology and New Materials sector.

This meeting brought together the entities that comprise the consortium and promote, in cooperation, the regional group of stakeholders from the North of Portugal, aimed at presenting the results of the first phase of the Interreg Europe project.

Throughout the meeting, the project's balance sheet and the action plan developed for the promotion of mechanisms to support the adoption of Nanotechnology, new materials and advanced production processes by the manufacturing industry of the Northern Region were discussed.

The session was open to all interested in the theme and was attended by entities from the North Region's scientific and technological system, management entities of competitiveness poles, clusters and public entities.

The NMP-REG project is supported by Cooperação Territorial Europeia Interreg Europe Program and brings together seven partners from five regions of different countries (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, Flanders, Belgium, Tuscany, Italy, Northern Region of Portugal, and Bucharest- Ilfov, Romania).


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