-CeNTI promotes the importance of KETs in several areas

CeNTI promotes the importance of KETs in several areas

To raise awareness of professionals to the importance of KETs in the national industry was the main goal of a set of initiatives carried out by CeNTI, with several companies and players from different sectors. The Key Enabling Technologies allow, among other aspects, to leverage and generate business through the development of value-added products and processes.

The advantages of KETs were presented to the sectors related with health, protection and well-being; automotive and aeronautics; construction, architecture and smart buildings, all areas with strong application potential of these emerging technologies.

With these workshops, attended by several national clusters and businesses, the Centre seized the opportunity not only to share knowledge and information, but also to clarify and blur doubts and uncertainties with the companies and professionals, highlighting the best opportunities in the market with the application of KETs.

These initiatives are part of bKET - Boosting Key Enabling Technologies, a Project developed by CeNTI, with the aim of promoting the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in the area of broad-spectrum technologies to the national industry.

The KETs are a set of different technological innovation ideologies, grouped into 6 axes: micro and nano electronics, nanotechnology, industrial biotechnologies, advanced materials, photonics and advanced manufacturing technologies.

They enable, among others, the implementation of progressive digitization and automation of productive industries, the creation of new sustainable products and services, the fostering of job creation and economic growth in Europe, in response to the new social challenges of the 21st century.

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