-CeNTI recognised as a Centre for Technology and Innovation

CeNTI recognised as a Centre for Technology and Innovation

It is the most recent recognition awarded to CeNTI. The Nanotechnology Centre is one of the 26 national entities recognised by the Portuguese Government as a Centre for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

The CTI succeed the Technological Centres and the Interface Centres and integrate the national science and technology system. They are dedicated to producing, disseminating and transmitting knowledge, oriented towards companies and creating economic value, contributing to the pursuit of public policy objectives.

The CTI’s essential purpose is to contribute to increasing the degree of economic specialisation and the added value of the national offer, promoting the competitiveness of companies, especially SMEs.

With this distinction, the Nanotechnology Centre reinforces its national position in science, research and development, consolidating its role as a technological business partner.

It should be remembered that the National (Portuguese) Innovation Agency was responsible for the entire assessment/recognition process within the Recovery and Resilience Program (PRR) framework. The organisation reveals that the set of entities participating in the competition (37) represented around 4,200 jobs in Portugal. In 2021, these had a total volume of activity of approximately 192 million euros and forecast, for the period 2022-2027, growth to 1.2 billion euros.


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