-CeNTI took innovation and technology to Modtissimo 2024

CeNTI took innovation and technology to Modtissimo 2024

It is already a regular presence at one of Portugal’s most prestigious events for the Textile and Clothing Industry (TCI). CeNTI once again took part in Modtissimo's February 60+3 edition! 

At the initiative, which occurred on the 21st and 22nd at Exponor in Porto, there were several good reasons to visit the iTechstyle Showcase stand, powered by CITEVE and where CeNTI participated. Over the two-day event, the ILLIANCE, GIATEX and TEXP@CT Agendas, as well as the disruptive Projects be@t, STVgoDIGITAL and PAC - Portugal Autocluster for the Future, were showcased.

In addition to promoting the objectives and expected technological results of this ongoing research, the Centre took the opportunity to disseminate the technologies and share knowledge and experiences with the sector's leading players.

Modtissimo is a reference event and, twice a year, it becomes the favoured space for revealing and disseminating innovation made in Portugal.

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