-DIF-Jacket: an innovative solution made in Portugal

DIF-Jacket: an innovative solution made in Portugal

Increasing firefighter well-being in critical firefighting scenarios is DIF-Jacket's main mission, a revolutionary thermal protection vest developed by CEFT - Transport Phenomena Research Centre, CeNTI and CITEVE, with the special participation of the Escola Nacional de Bombeiros. Get to know the innovative product through the latest Project video.

Worn over the firefighter's protective equipment (PPE), the garment will provide an additional layer of protection by supplying a complementary thermal barrier. Thus, it is possible to reduce the thermal stress that professionals suffer. In some scenarios, it can be decisive since it can save crucial time and thus avoid burns on body parts more susceptible to serious injuries.

The challenge was to create an innovative solution based on numerical models with optimised performance and design, which could be used in active firefighting with no high impact on the firefighter's mobility. It was developed modularly, allowing the easy replacement of damaged parts when necessary, providing versatility and focus on eco-design.

Aimed at future firefighters, DIF-Jacket is the solution that was missing to reinforce the safety of these professionals.

The Project, which started in January 2020, ended last June. It was co-financed by the Portuguese Republic and the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.

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