-FF2F: a new generation of sustainable packaging and products

FF2F: a new generation of sustainable packaging and products

The creation of sustainable cellulose-based packaging and products to replace fossil plastics is the main objective of the FF2F Innovation Pact - From Fossil to Forest. As a Project partner, CeNTI is developing papers with barrier properties, biocomposites and sensors for smart packaging.

Based on the production of innovative solutions from forestry sources, this Project is crucial for achieving the goals of the European Green Deal through Research and Development (R&D) activities. 

Some innovative technologies from this Project are high-yield folders, papers with greater mechanical resistance and moulded cellulose for rigid packaging. These will have added value and will later be incorporated into traditional products and markets.

Thus, FF2F aims to support and boost the national technological, industrial and business infrastructure, helping to reinforce competitiveness and position Portugal as a reference on a global scale in this sector.

Discover everything about this Mobilising Agenda for Business Innovation HERE.

The Project is funded by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan within the framework of European Union’s NextGenerationEU.


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