-Focusing on the future, CeNTI celebrated its 16th anniversary

Focusing on the future, CeNTI celebrated its 16th anniversary

On May 19, CeNTI celebrated its 16th anniversary. The 16 years of the Nanotechnology Centre were celebrated, in a symbolic way, in a gathering that brought together the entire team.

CeNTI has built a successful path focused on innovation and advanced technology, consolidated and based on creating disruptive solutions with high value for companies.

Founded in 2006, it is currently an international reference in the science, research, technological development and engineering areas in the fields of nanotechnology, smart and functional materials, smart systems, and design.

The future now involves promoting the digital transition and sustainability through pioneering Projects that seek to provide companies with cutting-edge and differentiating technological solutions in the market.

The construction of the new facilities also reflects the team growth and work developed by the Nanotechnology Centre. In a few months, CeNTI will move to the new space, built from scratch on the CITEVE - Technological Centre for Textiles and Clothing campus in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal).

The building, which represented an investment of around 3 million euros, will be able to receive three new lines of research and development, aimed at eco-sustainable materials, printed intelligence (surface technology) and micro-manufacturing, and also for the development of functional and intelligent materials.

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