-FuEL highlighted in Dinheiro Vivo

FuEL highlighted in Dinheiro Vivo

The FuEL - Future Entrepreneurs’ League, entrepreneurship program was the theme of an extended report by the Portuguese Newspaper Dinheiro Vivo, which focused, besides program's objectives, on three of the eight innovative ideas supported by the Project. Gripwise, Localista and ChemiTek were the success stories revealed, already winning customers and markets.

The article disclosed the ideas, products and services presented by the startups, including their innovative technological elements, as well as their perspectives, in terms of markets and geography.

FuEL ROOM, an online platform that brings together and connects professionals, entrepreneurs, companies and mentors, was also one of the topics highlighted by the news.

FuEL Project aimed to stimulate the generation of new business concepts in the areas of qualified and creative entrepreneurship, to promote the development of ideas, as well as their experimental validation and acceleration, within the national and international entrepreneurship ecosystem.

It was promoted by CeNTI - Centre for Nanotechnology and Smart Materials, INL - International Iberian Laboratory of Nanotechnology and IPN - Instituto Pedro Nunes.

Know more about the Program HERE.

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