-GIATEX: intelligent water management in the Textile sector

GIATEX: intelligent water management in the Textile sector

There is an innovative Project on a national scale in Portugal that aims to make the Textile and Clothing Industry more sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly. CeNTI is one of the 27 promoting entities.

GIATEX intends to address the challenges related to the excessive use of water faced by textile refinement companies (a set of operations to which a material is subjected after its manufacture to add value, such as dyeing or printing).

In this way, the consortium is developing advanced systems for reducing the consumption of this resource and searching for less intensive production technologies. Models for the resulting wastewater treatment are also being developed, and an IT tool is being created to help with decisions concerning the water’s final use.

CeNTI is participating in the production of innovative sensing solutions for real-time monitorization of different water quality parameters as long as the process of textile refinement Additionally, CeNTI will also participate in the integration of innovative solutions into pilot units in textile companies. 

The Project is funded by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan and NextGeneration EU European Funds.


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