-GreenAuto will transform the Portuguese automotive industry

GreenAuto will transform the Portuguese automotive industry

The main objective of the GreenAuto – Green Innovation for the Automotive Industry Agenda (in Portuguese only) is to position the national automotive sector in the value chain of low-emission vehicles. This Project has the collaboration of CeNTI.

The researchers are working on new concepts and solutions that help turn the car cabin into a ”comfortable and relaxing space preceded only by the home and the workplace.

This Mobilising Agenda for Business Innovation gathers industrial and research and development entities with extensive know-how in the automotive industry. By December 2025, 18 innovative, digital and sustainable products and processes will be developed, associated with the “Green Vehicle” and “Green Factory.

CeNTI’s participation is highlighted in the work package focused on Digital, Functionalised and Smart Materials – New concepts for automotive interior (WP2), where the aim is to develop new concepts and solutions for turning the car auto into a “third living space”.

Find out all about GreenAuto HERE.

The Project is funded by the PRR – Recovery and Resilience Plan within the European Union's NextGenerationEU framework.

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