-HelpinTex: non-slip mats detect and warn of movements inside the home

HelpinTex: non-slip mats detect and warn of movements inside the home

It is called HelpinTex and is a Project by the company António Salgado, CeNTI and CITEVE, which aims to develop a new line of multifunctional and intelligent mat, capable of detecting and communicating/alert to the presence and movement inside a home. The future technology will also be non-slip, thus ensuring greater safety for its users.

The HelpinTex solutions will have as their primary function the detection and communication of presence and/or movement inside the home (or in a particular room), through a sensorization and a remote monitoring system fully integrated into the textile structure of the carpet.

The mats will also have an associated App to which they will transmit all the information and will also have new non-slip threads integrated, which will make it safer.

These technological and innovative solutions aim to meet the current needs and trends in the home textile market. On the other hand, they also aim to promote security at home, contributing to increased protection of private property.

Know more about the Project HERE.



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