-Textiles Vale do Ave: JN highlights CeNTI’s role and impact on companies

Textiles Vale do Ave: JN highlights CeNTI’s role and impact on companies

CeNTI was featured in an article by Jornal de Notícias (JN) about the growth of home textiles in Vale do Ave. In addition to addressing the orders increase in that region, the report emphasized innovation in Portuguese fabrics and collaborative projects between companies and research centres such as CeNTI.

Besides addressing the current and future challenges of textile sector, João Gomes, Director of Operations at CeNTI, highlighted, as read in the text, the connection between the Nanotechnology Centre and the Industry, stating that “the Centre works as the research and development department” of companies that, due to their size, “cannot have it”.

For the Director, the Portuguese textile sector knew how to reinvent itself, moving from an “industry that sold at low prices” to one that “sells added value and has its own brand”.

In the article, João Gomes also underlined the path that textile companies have taken in terms of environmental sustainability, referring that the Portuguese industry “is already tracing the path of a more sustainable production with greater added value”. A fact that has been “recognized by customers”.

In addition to the positive evolution of home textile orders in the Vale do Ave region and the role of CeNTI, the article also revealed several innovative Projects in the area.

It is recalled that the Centre is involved in several Projects focused on Advanced Textiles. Find out which ones HERE

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