-Horizon Europe: CeNTI active in new Innovation and Technology Projects

Horizon Europe: CeNTI active in new Innovation and Technology Projects

Given the opening of a new community framework that privileges Innovation and Technology, CeNTI is actively involved in the preparation of new Projects to respond to different industrial-technological challenges. In close connection with Industry, the Centre has sought collaborations to develop cutting-edge technology, innovative solutions and products that increase companies' competitiveness on a national and international path.

After Horizon 2020, now appears Horizon Europe. The new European programme, in force since January 1 2021, and lasting until December 31 2027, has a budget allocation of 95.5 billion euros to support research and innovation activities. The objective is to reinforce the scientific excellence of Europe, which seeks to respond assertively to global challenges.

The new framework opens up a wide range of funding opportunities to develop innovative, high-added solutions and products that support green and digital transitions and sustainable growth. The investment can be applied in several areas, namely in Automotive & Aeronautics, Construction, Architecture & Smart Buildings, and Health, Protection & Wellbeing.

Formally adopted by European Parliament on January 1 2021, the Horizon Europe package consists of several regulations and decisions available for consultation on the official website of the European Union. Take advantage and stay abreast of all the information regarding the applications, areas and support granted.

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