-HydroMask: innovation against the Covid-19 proliferation

HydroMask: innovation against the Covid-19 proliferation

A mask with a humidity detection system that, through an evident change of color, indicates the user when it must be replaced. It's the CeNTI and the Portuguese company OLDTRADING's most recent technological solution, which aims to make personal protective equipment more effective in the fight against the new coronavirus' propagation.

CeNTI is developing the signaling humidity saturation's technology incorporated in reusable masks created by OLDTRADING. The final prototype is expected to be concluded soon. 

This technology has not gone unnoticed among Portuguese press. The HydroMask, Project’s name, has been publicized in several Portuguese media, such as RTP, Diário de Notícias, Dinheiro Vivo, Rádio Observador, Portugal Têxtil e RUM – Rádio Universitária do Minho. 

Fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus dissemination through research and the development of cutting-edge solutions has been one of the CeNTI's goals. It's also in partnership with OLDTRADING that the research centre is developing a sensor that, when incorporated into the personal protection mask, will allow monitoring the user's breathing rate, identifying possible changes from standard patterns.

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