-Industry: CeNTI presents bKET demonstrators in reference exhibitions

Industry: CeNTI presents bKET demonstrators in reference exhibitions

Making industry professionals aware of the importance and impact of KETs (Key Enabling Technologies) on the creation of innovative products, solutions and services was the main objective of CeNTI's presence at Concreta, in Porto, and Mecânica, in Lisbon. In these two important exhibitions, at national level, the Centre presented the demonstrators dedicated to Photonics, Micro and Nanoelectronics and Industrial Biotechnology.

The prototypes, shown at the "bKET DEMO" booth, highlight the application of Key Enabling Technologies in three different industrial areas. Its creation was even supported by several enterprises, partners of CeNTI (Simoldes, Tintex and Secil), who joined this initiative to promote KETs, within the Portuguese business industries.

At Concreta, Mecânica and also Boosting Innovation(s) Seminar, that took place in Porto, CeNTI took the opportunity to raise awareness among professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs about the impact of Key Enabling Technologies in all industrial sectors, especially in terms of creating new offers and products. High technology aligned with innovative and creative ideas, results in disruptive solutions that are increasingly adapted to the challenges of the digital era and Industry 4.0.

These initiatives are part of the dissemination of bKET, a Project promoted by the Centre, which aims to transfer, at national level, scientific and technological knowledge to enterprises.

Transforming and modernizing the Industry and, therefore, foster business competitiveness and the Portuguese economy are the main objectives of the Project.

Know more about bKET at https://bket.centi.pt and https://centi.pt/en/projects/other/bket-boosting-key-enabling-technologies-

Watch the bKET video at https://youtu.be/mMh9D7lxzmY

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