-ReShape IT brings students from the municipality of Famalicão to CeNTI

ReShape IT brings students from the municipality of Famalicão to CeNTI

To promote, raise awareness and educate the children and education professionals of the municipality of Famalicão, in a playful and fun way, for the responsible use of resources and the recycling of materials within the school context.

This was the main objective of the study visit of the Centro Escolar de Antas, elementary school from the Agrupamento de Escolas Camilo Castelo to CeNTI, aligned with the European strategy for Circular Economy and Sustainable Growth, within the ReShape IT project.

The overall objective of the project is to develop and implement a new waste recovery standard based on a strong link between the region's industries and the community. It’s also intended to emphasize the efficient use of resources and blame all elements of the consumption chain, whether industry, academia, and especially citizens.

In addition to increasing citizens' awareness, promoting circular economy, and empowering students to recycle plastic packaging in schools, the ReShape IT project is based on a set of research and development activities. It aims to materialize and assemble a pilot unit, with the technical objective of obtaining an ecological filament capable of being used by conventional additive manufacturing technologies (low cost 3D printers).

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