-Masks4Safety: smart masks that avoid the spread of Covid-19

Masks4Safety: smart masks that avoid the spread of Covid-19

It is one more innovative technological solution to fight the spread of SARS-CoV-2 in the community. 

It is called Masks4Safety, and it is an individual protection mask that, in addition to being more comfortable (with ergonomics and optimized design), incorporates in its structure temperature and humidity sensors that generate alerts whenever this equipment useful life has been exceeded. These sensors will also measure the status of the mask and its effectiveness over time and considering the conditions of use.

The solution is being developed by a consortium led by the Portuguese company Neutroplast and which includes CeNTI, Centro Clínico Académico de Braga (2CABraga), and the company Valmet.

This product aims to solve two of the main difficulties associated with the mask's widespread use, namely the lack of comfort and uncertainty about its protective effects.

The Masks4Safety Project was created to solve those problems, offering intelligent masks to the market that ensure high protection against viral risk.

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