-Nanotechnology in textiles analysed at Hi-Tech-TEX event

Nanotechnology in textiles analysed at Hi-Tech-TEX event

The closing session of the European Hi-Tech-TEX Project took place in January in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal). CeNTI participated in the initiative with a presentation on "Advanced Materials for Building and Living", addressing the impact of nanotechnology and functional and intelligent solutions in the textile and construction sectors.

More than 30 experts, professionals and researchers gathered at CITEVE's facilities under the theme "Textile meets Habitat" to learn about the technological results achieved by the implementation of this Project and the challenges faced throughout the process.

During the session, several innovative solutions, such as the application of textiles on roofs, in building interiors and in new constructions, were presented. The meeting ended with the workshop “Connecting textile and habitat”, which enabled the identification of needs and new developments and facilitated potential collaborations between the two markets.

Hi-Tech-TEX aimed to promote new sustainable, cross-sectoral and inter-regional value chains towards excellence in high-tech textiles. The Project also intended to promote the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by supporting access to global markets and facilitating exchanges and strategic partnerships between clusters and cities across Europe, namely through implementing the ClusterXchange mobility system.

Coordinated by the Textile Cluster and CITEVE, Hi-Tech-TEX was developed by a consortium of four European Union countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic) and a third country participating in the COSME Programme (Turkey).

Find out more about this Project HERE.

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